Martial arts film

In Chinese-speaking world, martial arts films commonly refer to a genre "wuxia" which presents historical background, usually in ancient dynasties, there lives a common person, usually poor and without social status, but possessing a kind heart and would like to help people and fight for justice, so the character develops though the plot fighting against the bad ones who hold the power and finally achieves the peace and justice for people and becomes a master of martial arts. mehr

Quake (video game)

A preview included with id's very first release, 1990's "Commander Keen", advertised a game entitled "The Fight for Justice" as a follow-up to the Keen trilogy. It would feature a character named Quake, "the strongest, most dangerous person on the continent", armed with thunderbolts and a "Ring of Regeneration." Conceived as a VGA full-color side-scrolling role-playing video game, "The Fight for Justice" was never released. mehr

Green Arrow

Oliver, having once again amassed a large personal fortune, is the newly elected mayor of Star City, continuing his fight for justice both on the streets and within the political system. mehr

In the Name of the Father (film)

Gerry takes over the fight for justice himself when his father dies in custody. mehr


His letters in return inspired to her single ” Yellow Ribbon” a song for Freedom, and her collaboration with Amnesty Internatonal and Free the Angola 3 in a fight for justice and Freedom for Albert Woodfox. mehr

American Federation of Musicians

The American Federation of Musicians is a strong advocate to fight for justice and peace. mehr

Richard Gridley

The monument to Gridley at Canton Corner is of Quincy Granite and the dado of Randolph Granite are faced with polished tablets bearing several inscriptions including "I shall fight for justice and my country", "I love my God, my country, and my neighbor as myself.", and a quote by General Washington: "I know of no man better fitted to be Chief Engineer than General Gridley." The whole monument is surmounted by a cannon in the imitation of "Hancock" or "Adams," - one of the guns Gridley served with his own hands at Bunker Hill. mehr


Zorro's aid Bernardo, a mute, pretends that he can also not hear, in order to get information to aid his master in his fight for justice. mehr

Elaine Brown

She currently lives in Oakland, California where she continues to fight for justice for Micheal 'Little B' Lewis. mehr

R. A. Salvatore

Together, they fight for justice against sinister enemies who dare to disrupt the peace of Drizzt's newfound homeland. mehr

Kung Fu (TV series)

Although it is his intention to avoid notice, Caine's training and sense of social responsibility repeatedly force him out into the open, to fight for justice or protect the underdog. mehr


Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum, Vagram, Nasrani, Manassinakkare, Kunjikoonan, Rasathanthram, Palunku, Veruthe Oru Bharya, Swantham Lekhakan, Kadha Parayumbol, Samastha Keralam PO, Pappy Appacha, Vairam: Fight For Justice, Janapriyan, Arya (2005 film), Swapnam Kondu Thulabharam, Elsamma Enna Aankutty, Marykkundoru Kunjaadu, Oridathoru Postman, Detective, Vismayathumbathu, SringaravelanSwapna Sanchari, 101 Weddings, Evidam Swargamanu, Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus, Drishyam, Om Shanti Oshana, Vajram, Rebecca uthup kizhakkemala, Vellimoonga, etc. mehr

Nighthawk (DC Comics)

This death inspired Nighthawk to fight for justice and for the oppressed. mehr

The Rebel (book)

Faced with the manifest injustices of human existence on one hand, and the poor substitute of revolution on the other, Camus' rebel seeks to fight for justice without abandoning transcendental values, including the principle of the intrinsic value of human life. mehr

Hugh O'Flaherty

Killarney born actor and playwright Donal Courtney penned a new one man play entitled "God has no Country" which he premièred in Killarney as part of the Hugh O Flaherty memorial celebrations for 3 nights in October 2013. Courtney portrays the Monsignor during the War Time years in German occupied Rome and the story is told from the Monsignor's point of view and is a study of the torment and difficulty in the decisions he undertook in his fight for justice. mehr

Alanis Obomsawin

She went on to direct films of her own, while continuing to perform and fight for justice for her people. mehr

N. S. Krishnan

Later NSK resumed acting in movies, but his jail term and fight for justice made him penurious. mehr

Born Again (comics)

As for Murdock, he is living in Hell's Kitchen content with his life with Karen and his vow to fight for justice in his neighborhood. mehr

The White Haired Girl

Dachun wants to go to the landlord's residence to fight for justice but is stopped by Zhao Dashu (Uncle Zhao) who, instead, instruct Dachun and other young people to join the Eighth Route Army. mehr

Dr. Who (Dalek films)

He is a gentle, grandfatherly figure, naturally curious and sometimes absent-minded, but at the same time is not afraid to fight for justice. mehr

Peace Medal of the Third World

The "Peace Medal of the Third World" is an award given to those who helped fight for justice and peace in third world countries. mehr

Roz Forrester

As a child she lived through a period known as the Wars of Acquisition before joining the Adjudicators to fight for justice. mehr

Frank Quattrone

In his acceptance speech, he referred to his motivation for supporting the Innocence Project—that at the very moment he was found guilty of the government's charges, he realized that there must be other innocent people who were in prison but unlike him they lacked the resources to fight for justice. mehr

Kaala Patthar

When Seth Dhanraj (Prem Chopra) makes life difficult for the coal miners by giving them poor equipment, less than sufficient medical supplies and lack of facilities, Vijay, Ravi and Mangal come together to fight for justice against Dhanraj when water floods the mines endangering the lives of hundreds of workers including Mangal's. mehr

Kim Kaphwan

Since Kim was young and during his taekwondo training sessions, he was always reminded to fight for justice, and use the martial art as a way to accomplish this. mehr

University of Monterrey

Each toll means a commitment the student makes to always uphold the truth, fight for justice and remain honest throughout his or her life. mehr

The Four Just Men (TV series)

The men later reassemble, and decide to fight for justice and against tyranny, using money set aside for the purpose by their late commanding officer. mehr


The director aimed to inspire civic awareness and action with stories depicting the fight for justice even against all kinds of bureaucratic and political opposition. mehr

The Vampire Huntress Legend Series

But until that time, they must become adept at using the special talents they were born with and must be kept out of harm's way while their parents continue to fight for justice. mehr


The aim of the campaign is to fight for justice to the poor. mehr

Gay Ghost

After his death, he encounters his ancestors, who return him to life in return for a vow to fight for justice. mehr

Kwai Chang Caine

Although it was his intention to find his brother Danny in a way which would escape notice, the demands of his training as a priest in addition to the sense of social responsibility, which was instilled within him during his childhood, forced Caine to repeatedly come into the open to fight for justice. mehr

Mehndi (film)

Rajeshwar repents and promises to help Pooja in her fight for justice. mehr

Arrow (comics)

He decides to use his archery skills to fight for justice, adopting the crime-fighting identity of the Arrow, the hunter of men. mehr

Ghayal (1990 film)

Then begins Ajay's fight for justice, to take down the main villain Balvant Rai. mehr

List of Galaxy Angel characters

She is a very young girl who'll always fight for justice even though she may be a little selfish. mehr

Ned Cobb

Realizing that the men needed help, he joined the Alabama Share Croppers Union in 1931 to fight for justice for black people and against exploitation. mehr

Kamen Rider KickHopper

Yaguruma displays his desire for the darkness during episode 45, he and Kageyama bound themselves with chains and weights so that they would not be able to fight for justice. mehr

Florence Holway

Her subsequent fight for justice ultimately resulted in changes to that state's rape laws and is the subject of a 2003 HBO documentary entitled "Rape in a Small Town: The Florence Holway Story", which chronicles her ordeal. mehr

Keluang Man

The hospital security makes it hard for Keluang Man to act during daylight, so he decided only to fight for justice at night. mehr

History of West Ham United F.C.

As of September 2008 the Sheffield United Fight For Justice has been through 3 different courts and has received a positive verdict from an arbitration panel – announced at the end of September (postponed from June). mehr

The All-New Super Friends Hour

In this particular incarnation of the "Super Friends", the DC Comic book legends Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman return to fight for justice. mehr

Oriental Heroes

The theme of its stories often revolve around brotherhood and the fight for justice. mehr

Cecilia Peck

Cecilia Peck directed and produced the Emmy nominated feature documentary "Brave Miss World" (Netflix), following one young woman’s fight for justice and mission to break the silence around rape. mehr

List of Spider-Man (1994 TV series) characters

Taking up the legal profession of an attorney, Murdock moved to New York's 'Hell's Kitchen', a dingy, drug-strewn ghetto, bringing Daredevil's fight for justice to the place where justice was needed most. mehr

Jyrki Parantainen

Violence as a subject is often displayed in his works: violence through physical aggression in the fight for justice and self-assertion, sexual violence or as a means of suppressing people or peoples. mehr

Alan W. Clarke

He was counsel for "Fight For Justice," a group of dissident Anishinaabe at Keweenaw Bay Indian Community in a struggle to regain voting rights arbitrarily stripped by the Tribal Council. mehr

Yörük Ali Efe

He is also remembered with his generous personality and his fight for justice under all circumstances. mehr

List of Sly Cooper characters

The experience also gave Carmelita a new perspective on her life and relationship with Sly in general, as through working together with the Cooper Gang and meeting Sly's ancestors, she realized that the two of them were somewhat similar in that they both fight for justice albeit from opposite sides of the law. mehr

Ayinoor Vasu

He is well known for his bold stands in the fight for justice for Dalits, Tribals and minority communities. mehr
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