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1. The 2300 prophetick days did not commence before the rise of the little horn of the He Goat. mehr


After this, the horse, a hornless he-goat, a wild ox ("go-mrga", "Bos gaurus") are bound to sacrificial stakes near the fire, and seventeen other animals are attached to the horse. mehr

Mande languages

Note that in these cognates: 'saliva' = 'mouth'+'water', 'milk' = 'breast'+'water', 'buck (he-goat)' = 'goat'+'male', 'ram' = 'sheep'+'male'. mehr

Botho Strauß

With a 1993 "Der Spiegel" essay, "Anschwellender Bocksgesang" ("Swelling He-Goat Song" a critical examination of modern civilisation, he triggered a major political controversy as his conservative politics was anathema to many. mehr

Akelarre (witchcraft)

Nevertheless the black he-Goat or "Akerbeltz" is known in Basque mythology to be an attribute of goddess Mari and is found in a Roman age slab as a votive dedication: "Aherbelts Deo" ("to the god Aherbelts") (see: Aquitanian language).. mehr

Mari (goddess)

Additionally, she is identified with red animals (cow, ram, horse), and with the black he-goat. mehr

Nana (Greek mythology)

Nana abandoned the baby boy, who was tended by a he-goat. mehr

Johannes Buxtorf

The original form of the name was Bockstrop, or Boxtrop, from which was derived the family crest, which bore the figure of a goat (Ger. Bock, he-goat). mehr


It is said that the he-goat turned into a human when the witches gathered, so it is thought that the goat was the devil itself. mehr

Kalna, India

But at present he-goat, ram, sugarcane, gourd etc. mehr


Delegates of both kings met at the boundary, performed the necessary sacrifices, killed a he-goat, spilled the blood in a hold right there at the boundary and planted a kola-nut tree right there. mehr


For this purpose special offering and worship is done including sacrifice of he-goat and Mangur fish. mehr

Frumușeni Mosaics

The bestiary, containing a wolf-headed centaur, a half dog-half boar, a winged he-goat, a bear, a rabbit, a predator bird catching a fish, seems to illustrate the allegorical battle between good and evil. mehr

Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree

The king then went and sent his lads to the hunting-hill for a he-goat, and he gave its heart and its liver to his wife to eat; and she rose well and healthy. mehr

Oby Kechere

She has appeared in numerous Nollywood films to date, including "American Husband", "Beyond Death", "DR Thomas", "Ekete", "GSM Wahala", "He Goat", "My Time", "Ononikpo Aku", "Onye Obioma", "Safe-Journey", "Secrets Of The Heart", "This World Na Pawpaw", "True Vindication" and "Women Affair". mehr

Pierre de Lancre

In his opinion, Satan had little sexual intercourse with single women, because he preferred married women for that implied also adultery, and the incest between mothers and sons at the end of the Sabbath was essential to give birth to demonic children, as well as a sexual act between a witch and a he-goat (believed to be Satan present at the reunion). mehr

Bhojpuri cuisine

In large families, a Bakra/Khasi (he-goat/sheep) is bought few days before the festival, and is slaughtered on the day of festival. mehr

Basque witch trials

It was reported that the witches of Zugarramurdi met at the meadow of Akelarre (Basque for "meadow of the he-goat"). mehr

Horned deity

Occultist Eliphas Levi in his "Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie" (1855), combined the images of the Tarot of Marseilles' Devil card and refigured the ram Banebdjed as a he-goat, calling it the "Baphomet of Mendes," (or, "Goat of Mendes"). The inaccurate description can be traced back to "Herodotus' Histories Book II", where Herodotus describes the deity of Mendes as having a goat's head and fleece, when Banebdjedet was really represented by a ram, not a goat. mehr

Chhapar Mela

The family was advised by the elders to perform religious ceremonies to worship Gugga and Sidh and a he-goat was left free to mark the place of worship by striking at a particular place. mehr


An old Yoruba proverb says "unless the he-goat dies, no one can make a gbedu drum from its skin". mehr

Witches' Sabbath (Goya, 1798)

Goya used the imagery of covens of witches in a number of works, most notably in one of his "Black Paintings", "Witches' Sabbath or The Great He-Goat" (1821–1823). mehr

Unfortunate events in the front seats of the ring of Madrid, and the death of the Mayor of Torrejón

He was to use areas of empty space for dramatic and evocative effect again in his "Black Paintings", notably in "The Dog" and "The Great He-Goat". mehr

History of Workington

The word Gabrocentum has its origins in the Welsh or Ancient British "gafr" meaning "he goat" and the word "hynt" ("set" in Old Irish) meaning "path".<ref>Armstrong AM, Mawer A, Stenton FM, Dickens Bruce (1952), "The Place-Names of Cumberland", English Place-Name Society, Vol XXII Part III, P512. mehr

Black Paintings

The goat is painted entirely in black and appears as a silhouette in front of a coven of witches and warlocks. mehr

Umueze Anam

2. "Ekwu Title":- This is the second stage, it costs 209 tubers of yam, 500 kolanuts, wine, money a he goat (Nkpi ekwu), and smoked fishes (Ukpobu). mehr

List of The Wardstone Chronicles characters

Also known as "goat mages", they worship the old god Pan and sacrifice goats and people to bind him to the body of a he-goat and share the madness he feels. mehr

Snail on the Slope

Sex is considered an atavism by them, an unwelcome relic of the past; a male is regarded as nothing more than a he-goat, and villages are being "overcome" one by one unawares (drowned, together with the males), in a slow but unrelenting action. mehr
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